Was Balmain X H&M Worth it?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all been ablaze with the dramatics that has been the official release of the Balmain X H&M collection. Quite literally, people were acting like fools trying to get their paws on some of the coveted Balmain X H&M designer collection. It has been 10 years since H&M first started their designer collaboration collections and it seems the anticipation continues to grow each year.


T-Shirt $34
T-Shirt $34

The footage I saw today from inside some of the H&M stores of people who were being trampled and sales associates having to be followed by security. Not to mention, that on Wednesday night I had already seen items on eBay from the collection ready to be bid on for 5 times their retail price!

balmain 2 copy

I really had to a take a step back to think…does a designer collaboration really mean that much? Kara J. posted on her blog, ChinChilly Style an article about whether designers’ collaborations really count. I really urge you all to read it.

balmain 1 copy

So, do designer collabs really count? Are you really getting a piece of and access to a designer brand? Cynically, I believe that is just a more amicable and marketable way for fast-fashion retailers to offer styles that normally they would just rip off the runways. Yet, my optimistic side wants to believe that H&M is offering their customers the chance to own a piece of luxury at an affordable price.


What’s your take Kontrol readers?

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