You’ll NEVER Be A Royal, but with L.K. Bennett you can definitely dress like one!

Phipps Plaza is that amazing jewel of a mall located right in one of the busiest hubs in northern Atlanta. This shopping center is known for its glitz, glamour, and high fashion. Chalked full of luxury retailers, Phipps is the most fashionable spot in the city. Still, of all its stores few can compare to the chic and unique looks that are found only in L.K. Bennett! The store is one of Phipps’ best kept secrets, attracting women of all walks of life and styles.

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L.K. Bennett is near and dear to the Kontrol family, in fact some of the looks pulled from their store can be found on celebrities featured in the magazine. At the Phipps location, we attended an event designed to show off the new Fall looks. Alongside other customers, we were pleasantly treated champagne, cheese, fruit, and red velvet cupcakes so big rich that they might as well have been edible rubies! The looks of L.K. Bennett are simple and timeless. Each piece is comfortable and universally appealing. In fact, the royals of the United Kingdom have frequently been spotted in pieces of the company’s clothing. Princess Kate Middleton wore one of their blue poppy print dresses on a visit to see the Duchess of Cambridge. The dress sold out immediately, and has been in such high demand that it was re-released and is now a Fall favorite as well. However, the blue poppy print dress is not the only “must have” featured in the store. Check out their other dresses and accessories, especially their purses.

The purses come in a myriad of colors, but none pop as much as their  new bronze, metallic colored line. These handbags embrace Fall with shimmering joy. Not only are they gorgeous, they are just fashionably functional enough to make them any girl’s favorite accessory. Their other purses worth mentioning are the new Italian leather ones. Normally, their leather accessories hail from Spain, but these new imports are too delectable to pass up. Cobalt blue, ballerina pink, and red are your colors for this Fall and L.K. Bennett definitely has plenty of it. All of these colors really pop and the clothing garbed in them will make you a trendsetter. Surprisingly, most of the clothing and accessories are reasonably priced–all the more reason to shop to your heart’s content!

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Kontrol’s editor-in-chief always says, “Fashion is more than a label, it’s a lifestyle–so live it!” According to Lorde, we will never be royals; and honestly that is fine. Especially when we have L.K. Bennett’s right in Phipps Plaza! Fear not though, the company is international with locations worldwide. Find yourself in the know of all things fashionable and visit their stores and check out their website and enjoy!

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